At the heart of our logo as with an atom is the nucleus. Our nucleus is      Missouri S&T.  Missouri S&T is Missouri's technological university and has the mission to educate tomorrow's leaders in engineering and science.
This portion of our logo represents the head of a bolt and symbolizes the traditional aspects ("nuts and bolts") of basic engineering.
The six triangles pointing outward represent the six different particles emanating from the nucleus that nuclear engineers work with in the field. These six particles are the alpha, beta, gamma, neutron, proton and positron.
This part of the logo represents the petals of a flower and symbolizes the environmental friendliness of nuclear energy. The environmental benefit of nuclear energy is that it supplies the greatest amount of U.S. electricity without emitting greenhouse gases or air pollutants.
These three parts of the logo combined resemble a stylized atomic nucleus that has symbolized nuclear energy for many generations.
Together, the parts make our logo of Nuclear Engineering at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.