Nuclear engineering program

Are you?

Interested in joining one of the top nuclear engineering programs in the country? Our department offers the only accredited bachelor of science in nuclear engineering degree in the state, and was one of the first in the country to be ABET accredited.

Did you know?

That there are more than 100 nuclear power plants operating in the country producing about 20 percent of our nation's electricity? These plants use nuclear fission to produce energy and are cooled by ordinary (light) water, hence the name, Light Water Reactors. This technology reduces the emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide significantly, thus contributing to a better environment. In addition, nuclear reactors are used for the propulsion of submarines and aircraft carriers.

Are you?

Interested in nuclear engineering research? Good, because whether you're a graduate or undergraduate student, you'll be doing a lot of it. Research areas in which you can specialize include reactor design, probabilistic risk assessment, thermal hydraulics, radiation protection, space nucelar power, fuel cycle and radioactive waste management.

And where are you?

Going to do this research? In some of the best laboratories in the country, including the state's first nuclear reactor. The MSTR, as it's called, has been in operation since 1961. It is a "swimming pool" reactor, so called because it sits near the bottom of a large concrete pool of water, and is currently licensed to operate at 200 kilowatts thermal power. Other labs at your disposal include a radiation measurements lab and a nuclear materials lab.