Undergraduate degree

The nuclear engineering department offers a bachelor of science in nuclear engineering, as well as a minor in nuclear engineering. 

Bachelor of Science

Program information

As an undergraduate student, you'll do a wealth of research, analysis, synthesis and design in state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories. Design, in particular, is an integral part of a number of nuclear engineering courses.

Design topics include:


  • Reactor cooling systems
  • Radiation protection
  • Structural components
  • Waste disposal and transportation systems
  • Radiation detection and measurement


With the experience you gain in these areas, you'll be prepared to help design a complete nuclear system in your Senior Nuclear Systems Design course. You'll work in small groups on different components of the system, interacting and exchanging ideas with your instructor and other groups on a weekly basis. In addition to technical considerations, you'll address issues of economics, safety, reliability, ethics and social impact.


A minimum of 15 hours is required for a minor in nuclear engineering.