Undergraduate courses

NUC ENG 1105 Nuclear Technology Applications (LEC 1.0)

It is a project oriented course that examines various aspects of nuclear technology, such as radiation detection, radiation protection, food irradiation, medical and industrial applications. The students will work in small groups on stimulating projects.

NUC ENG 2001 Special Topics (IND 0.0-6.0)

This course is designed to give the department an opportunity to test a new course. Variable title.

NUC ENG 2105 Introduction To Nuclear Engineering (LEC 2.0)

Atoms and nuclei; nuclear reactions; radioactivity; interactions of radiation with matter; fission and fusion reactors; nuclear fuels; radiation effects on materials and man; radioactive waste disposal; reactor safety; radiation protection. Prerequisite: Math 1215 or Math 1221.

NUC ENG 2406 Reactor Operations I (LAB 1.0)

A first course in reactor operations training and practical approach to nuclear reactor concepts. Students will receive hands-on training and are encouraged to take the NRC Reactor Operator's Exam. Prerequisites: Math 1214 or Math 1208; preceded or accompanied by Nuc Eng 1105.

NUC ENG 3000 Special Problems (IND 0.0-6.0)

Problems or readings on specific subjects or projects in the department. Consent of instructor required.

NUC ENG 3001 Special Topics (LAB 0.0-6.0)

This course is designed to give the department an opportunity to test a new course. Variable title.

NUC ENG 3103 Interactions Of Radiation With Matter (LEC 3.0)

Atoms and nuclei; relativistic kinematics; quantum theory; nuclear decay; cross sections; neutron, gamma, and charged particle interactions; production of radioisotopes; electrical, thermal and magnetic properties of solids. Prerequisites: Math 2222, Physics 2135.

NUC ENG 3205 Fundamentals Of Nuclear Engineering (LEC 3.0)

An introduction to the principles and equations used in nuclear fission reactor technology including: reactor types; neutron physics and reactor theory; reactor kinetics and control; radiation protection; reactor safety and licensing; and environmental aspects of nuclear power. Prerequisite: Physics 2305 or Nuc Eng 3103; Math 3304.

NUC ENG 3221 Reactor Fluid Mechanics (LEC 3.0)

A study of the fundamental principles of incompressible viscous and inviscid flows in ducts, nozzles, tube bundles and applications to nuclear engineering; fluid statics; dimensional analysis and similitude; boundary layer theory. Prerequisites: Math 3304, Junior standing.

NUC ENG 3223 Reactor Heat Transfer (LEC 3.0)

A study of the fundamental principles of conduction, convection and thermal radiation with volumetric source terms for nuclear engineering applications; empirical correlations; finite difference methods; analysis of nuclear reactor cores. Prerequisite: Nuc Eng 3221.

NUC ENG 3377 Nuclear Forensics and Radiochemistry (LEC 3.0)

Learn the fundamentals of radiochemistry and its application to the broad field of Nuclear Forensics. Includes a review of nuclear science and cosmochemistry (the origin of the chemical elements), a historical review of spent fuel reprocessing techniques including solvent extraction. A broad review of the modern nuclear forensics field and its importance. Prerequisites: NUC ENG 2105 recommended.

NUC ENG 4000 Special Problems (IND 0.0-6.0)

Problems or readings on specific subjects or projects in the department. Consent of instructor required.

NUC ENG 4001 Special Topics (LEC 0.0-6.0)

This course is designed to give the department an opportunity to test a new course. Variable title.

NUC ENG 4010 Seminar (RSD 0.0-6.0)

Discussion of current topics. Prerequisite: Senior standing.

NUC ENG 4099 Undergraduate Research (IND 0.0-6.0)

Designed for the undergraduate student who wishes to engage in research. Not for graduate credit. Not more than six credit hours allowed for graduation credit. Subject and credit to be arranged with the instructor.

NUC ENG 4203 Reactor Physics I (LEC 3.0)

Study of neutron interactions, fission, chain reactions, neutron diffusion and neutron slowing down; criticality of a bare thermal homogeneous reactor. Prerequisite: Nuc Eng 3205.

NUC ENG 4207 Nuclear Fuel Cycle (LEC 3.0)

Nuclear fuel reserves and resources; milling, conversion, and enrichment; fuel fabrication; in-and-out-of core fuel management; transportation, storage, and disposal of nuclear fuel; low level and high level waste management; economics of the nuclear fuel cycle. Prerequisite: Nuc Eng 3205.

NUC ENG 4211 Reactor Physics II (LEC 3.0)

Analytic and computer based methods of solving problems of reactor physics. Prerequisites: Nuc Eng 4203, Comp Sci 3200.

NUC ENG 4215 Space Nuclear Power And Propulsion (LEC 3.0)

A study of the design, operation and application of radioisotope power generators and nuclear reactors for space power and propulsion systems used on both manned and unmanned missions. Prerequisites: Nuc Eng 4203 and Nuc Eng 4229.

NUC ENG 4229 Nuclear Power Plant Systems (LEC 3.0)

A study of current nuclear power plant concepts and the environmental, economics and safety considerations affecting their design. Includes such topics as: thermodynamics, thermal hydraulics, and mechanical and electrical aspects of nuclear power facilities. Prerequisites: Nuc Eng 3205 and accompanied or preceded by Nuc Eng 3223.

NUC ENG 4241 Nuclear Materials I (LEC 3.0)

Fundamentals of materials selection for components in nuclear applications; design and fabrication of UO2 fuel; reactor fuel element performance; mechanical properties of UO2; radiation damage and effects, including computer modeling; corrosion of materials in nuclear reactor systems. Prerequisites: Civ Eng 2210; Nuc Eng 3205; Nuc Eng 3223; Met Eng 2110. (Co-listed with Met Eng 5170).

NUC ENG 4251 Reactor Kinetics (LEC 3.0)

Derivation and solutions to elementary kinetics models. Application of the point kinetics model in fast and thermal reactor dynamics, internal and external feedback mechanisms, rigorous derivation and solutions of the space dependent kinetics model fission product and fuel isotope changes during reactor operation. Prerequisite: Nuc Eng 3205.

NUC ENG 4253 Monte Carlo Approach to Reactor Analysis (LEC 3.0)

An introduction to a stochastic method for solving particle transport problems with a view to utilize the method in reactor design and analysis, shielding problems, flux calculations, reaction rates determination and general steady state reactor physics analysis. Prerequisites: Accompanied by NUC ENG 3205.

NUC ENG 4257 Two-phase Flow in Energy Systems - I (LEC 3.0)

It is an introductory course for both undergraduate or graduate students who are interested in the application of two-phase flow in energy systems. It will acquaint students with governing equations for both single-phase and two-phase fluid flow, state-of-the-art analytical methods and various two-phase flow phenomena related to energy systems. Prerequisite: Nuc Eng 3221 or Chem Eng 3100 or Mech Eng 3131.

NUC ENG 4259 Licensing Of Nuclear Power Plants (LEC 2.0)

The pertinent sections of the Code of Federal Regulations, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Regulatory Guides and Staff Position Papers, and other regulatory requirements are reviewed. Safety analysis reports and environmental reports for specific plants are studied.

NUC ENG 4281 Probabilistic Risk Assessment I (LEC 3.0)

A study of the techniques for qualitative and quantitative assessment of reliability, safety and risk associated with complex systems such as those encountered in the nuclear power industry. Emphasis is placed on fault tree analysis. Prerequisite: Nuc Eng 3205.

NUC ENG 4312 Nuclear Radiation Measurements and Spectroscopy (LAB 1.0 and LEC 2.0)

Contemporary radiation detection theory and experiments with high resolution gamma-ray spectroscopy, solid state detectors, neutron detection and conventional gas filled detectors. Neutron activation analysis of unknown material, statistical aspects of nuclear measurements. Prerequisite: Nuc Eng 3205.

NUC ENG 4347 Radiological Engineering (LEC 3.0)

Radiation exposure pathways analysis. Modeling of radionuclides transport through atmosphere, surface and ground water. Human health impact. Transportation of nuclear waste. Nuclear Waste characterization. Regulatory structure and requirements. Scenario case studies and computer simulation of transport. Prerequisite: Nuc Eng 3205.

NUC ENG 4350 Introduction to Nuclear Medical Science (LEC 3.0)

Introduction to physics and technologies involved in various radiological imaging and treatment systems in the medical field, such as digital radiography, digital mammography, computed tomography and nuclear medicine instruments will be covered. Prerequisites: Nuc Eng 4312 or equivalent.

NUC ENG 4361 Fusion Fundamentals (LEC 3.0)

Introduction to the plasma state, single particle motion, kinetic theory, plasma waves, fusion, power generation, radiation mechanisms, inertial confinement and fusion devices, including conceptual fusion power plant designs. Prerequisite: Preceded or accompanied by Math 3304.

NUC ENG 4363 Applied Health Physics (LEC 3.0)

Radiation sources; external and internal dosimetry; biological effects of radiation; radiation protection principles; regulatory guides; radioactive and nuclear materials management. Prerequisite: Nuc Eng 3103 or Physics 2305.

NUC ENG 4365 Radiation Protection Engineering (LEC 3.0)

Radiation fields and sources including nuclear reactors, radioactive wastes, x-ray machines, and accelerators. Stopping of radiation (Charges particles, photons, and neutrons) by matter. Radiation transport methods. Radiation shielding design. Dose rate calculations. Biological effects of radiation. Regulatory guides (10CFR20). Prerequisite: Nuc Eng 3205.

NUC ENG 4367 Radioactive Waste Management And Remediation (LEC 3.0)

Sources and classes of radioactive waste, long-term decay, spent fuel storage, transport, disposal options, regulatory control, materials issues, site selection and geologic characterization, containment, design and monitoring requirements, domestic and foreign waste disposal programs, economic and environmental issues, history of disposal actions, and conduct of remedial actions and clean up. Prerequisite: Math 3304. (Co-listed with Geology 4421).

NUC ENG 4370 Plasma Physics I (LEC 3.0)

Single particle orbits in electric and magnetic fields, moments of Boltzmann equation and introduction to fluid theory. Diffusion of plasma in electric and magnetic fields. Analysis of laboratory plasmas and magnetic confinement devices. Introduction to plasma kinetic theory. Prerequisite: Aero Eng 3131 or Mech Eng 3131 or Physics 3211 or Nuc Eng 3221 or Elec Eng 3600. (Co-listed with Aero Eng 5570, Mech Eng 5570, Physics 4543).

NUC ENG 4428 Reactor Laboratory I (LAB 1.0 and LEC 1.0)

Acquaints the student with neutron flux measurement, reactor operation, control rod calibration, reactor power measurement and neutron activation experiments. Experiments with the thermal column and neutron beam port are also demonstrated. Prerequisites: Nuc Eng 4312, 3205.

NUC ENG 4438 Reactor Laboratory II (LAB 1.0 and LEC 1.0)

A continuation of Nuclear Engineering 4428 with experiments of a more advanced nature. Prerequisite: Nuc Eng 4428.

NUC ENG 4456 Reactor Operation II (LAB 1.0)

The operation of the training reactor. The program is similar to that required for the NRC Reactor Operator's license. Students from other disciplines will also benefit from the course. Prerequisite: Nuc Eng 2105, 2406.

NUC ENG 4496 Nuclear System Design I (LEC 1.0)

A preliminary design of a nuclear system (e.g. a fission or fusion nuclear reactor plant, a space power system, a radioactive waste disposal system). Prerequisites: Nuc Eng 3223, 4203, 4229, preceded or accompanied by Nuc Eng 4241.

NUC ENG 4497 Nuclear System Design II (LEC 3.0)

A complete design of a nuclear system (e.g.a fission or fusion nuclear reactor plant, a space power system, a radioactive waste disposal system). Prerequisite: Nuc Eng 4496.