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Engineering a Sustainable Nuclear Future

Step into the warm and tightly knit community of Missouri S&T's Nuclear Engineering program. With an intimate class size of fewer than 50 students annually, your presence is cherished and recognized. We unite the pursuit of knowledge with the bonds of lasting friendships. Do not be a number, be part of S&T.

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Career Outlook


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Fast Facts

→   #7 Nuclear Engineering program in the USA        (
→   97% job placement
→   Unique coursework in industry-relevant areas
→   Top-earning college degree four years after graduation        (
→   Get hands-on laboratory experience in a real nuclear reactor
→   Earn a Reactor Operator's license at our S&T Reactor

Research in Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Science

In the heart of the cutting-edge research campus at S&T lies a hidden gem of scientific innovation: the university's very own nuclear reactor. This remarkable facility, often referred to as the S&T Nuclear Reactor, is a hub of potential and possibility for aspiring scientists and engineers. During your journey in the Nuclear Engineering department, you will be working and exploring the reactor yourself.

Available Support

At Missouri S&T we are a family. We are here to help and will support you throughout your journey with us. The nuclear department has many resources available to you.


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