Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics

In nuclear engineering and radiation science at S&T, the emphasis is on multiphase flow phenomena for light-water reactor safety. Nuclear reactor thermal hydraulics comprises areas of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and heat transfer of interest in the safety and operation of nuclear reactor systems. With the advent of passive safety systems and the increasing popularity of small modular reactor and advanced reactor designs, new approaches for heat transfer and reactor safety systems must be developed and tested. 

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Dr. Joshua P. Schlegel

Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Academics

Research Interests

Two-phase flow experiments and modeling, Nuclear reactor thermalhydraulics, Heat transfer and Fluid mechanics.

Dr. Shoaib Usman

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Radiation transport, Radiation protection, Radioactive waste management.

Dr. Muthanna Al-Dahhan

Curators' Distinguished Professor of Chemical & Biochemical Engineering

Research Interests

Reactor engineering, Transport-kinetic integration, Advanced measurement and computational techniques.


Dr. Joseph Smith

Professor in Chemical & Biochemical Engineering

Research Interests

Hybrid energy systems, Fuels combustion and gasification, Industrial gas flare design, Operation, and Regulation, Process modeling, Monitoring, Control, and Operation.