Nuclear Materials

Materials used in nuclear energy systems are exposed to some of the most extreme conditions found on planet earth. Understanding how materials perform when subject to high temperatures, mechanical stresses, corrosive chemicals and energetic particles is critical in ensuring the safe and reliable operation of the current generation of nuclear power plants and in designing the next generation of fission and fusion reactors. Nuclear engineering students have the opportunity to work with a materials scientist and leverage the state-of-the-art facility through the campus Materials Research Center.

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Dr. Joseph Graham

Associate Professor, Associate Chair of Research and Director of Nuclear Reactor

Research Interests

Radiation effects in ceramics, Radiation solid interactions, Nuclear fuel properties and Nuclear waste forms.

Dr. Haiming Wen

Assistant Professor in Materials Science and Engineering

Dr. Carlos H. Castano Giraldo

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Energy, Nuclear materials, Plasma materials interactions, Hydrogen in materials, Radio-electromechanical effects and Nanotechnology.

Dr. John Gahl

Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Missouri-Columbia

Research Interests

Nuclear plasma and beam science, Material science, Pulsed power.