Computational Reactor Physics

Nuclear engineering and radiation science at S&T is committed to delivering innovative computational reactor physics solutions for the advanced Generation IV reactor system. Our group focuses on the broad domains of modeling advanced reactor core; multiphysics modeling for thermal-hydraulics; and robustness analysis using uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis. Our ongoing research includes the design of small and micro-size reactors; evaluation of nuclear fuel cycle and nonproliferation; high-fidelity code development; and machine learning and decision-making algorithms for reactor analysis.

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Interested in discussing the research we are working on or learning more? Please contact:

Dr. Ayodeji B. Alajo

Associate Professor and Nuclear Engineering Program Director

Research Interests

High fidelity nuclear systems design and modeling, Advanced fuel cycles, Radioactive waste management and Nuclear systems safety

Dr. Syed Alam

Assistant Teaching Professor

Research Interests

Monte Carlo, Deterministic and Nodal Diffusion methods for reactor physics analysis; Modeling techniques & design of advanced reactor core; Multiphysics modeling; Data Science; Computational physics; CFD; Code development; Nuclear data; Mathematical modeling; Machine learning; Uncertainty quanti cation; Sensitivity analysis and optimization.